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The Summ-ARRR-y!

Ahoy, fellow sea dogs! Ye’ve stumbled upon a legendary bounty known as the YARR! card game — a brine-soaked, Rummy-inspired gift for those loyal and dear to the Sea Monster crew.

The Facebook ARRR Effect!

Well, blow me down! An additional digital wonder for our loyal buccaneers? Ye’d better believe yer peepers! Grab a phone and try it out:

The ARRR-dditional Rule!

Want to add an extra tot ‘o rum to your experience? Choose a standard crew (Red, Green or Blue) and place one o’ those cards in front of ye before the game starts. When hunting for a TREASURE requiring that crew’s colour, count it as a free, re-usable card that can be deployed once per TREASURE.

(And this card doesn’t sit in yer hand, so no stealin’, lootin’ or destroyin’ of it is allowed!)

Have ye lost yer instructions? Aye, don’t be swashing yer buckles! Ye can see it here Sea Monster Yarr_Instructions