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The Summ-ARRR-y!

Ahoy, fellow sea dogs! Ye’ve stumbled upon a legendary bounty known as the YARR! card game — a brine-soaked, Rummy-inspired gift for those loyal and dear to the Sea Monster crew.

Summ-ARRR 1

The Facebook ARRR Effect!

Well, blow me down! An additional digital wonder for our loyal buccaneers? Ye’d better believe yer peepers! Grab a phone and try it out:

Summ-ARRR 2

The ARRR-dditional Rule!

Want to add an extra tot ‘o rum to your experience? Choose a standard crew (Red, Green or Blue) and place one o’ those cards in front of ye before the game starts. When hunting for a TREASURE requiring that crew’s colour, count it as a free, re-usable card that can be deployed once per TREASURE.

(And this card doesn’t sit in yer hand, so no stealin’, lootin’ or destroyin’ of it is allowed!)

Summ-ARRR 3

Have ye lost yer instructions? Aye, don’t be swashing yer buckles! Ye can see it here Sea Monster Yarr_Instructions