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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality uses computer technology to simulate an almost real experience in a virtual world and provides a complete 3D immersive experience. This is a technology that is already here and is improving at a rapid pace. Technological equipment such as consoles, PCs, headsets, controllers and peripherals are the backbone of the virtual reality experience. So, it begs the next question. How does VR fit into the world today and tomorrow?

Applications of virtual reality can include entertainment and educational purposes. A person using virtual reality equipment is able to look around the artificial world, move around in it, and interact with virtual features or items.

It utilizes senses such as sound, sight, and even touch to provide users an almost real and believable experience. The special gloves have sensors that act on a user’s sense of touch and feel connected to whatever they are watching. Despite its host of pros, VR has a few cons. One of which is the fear that users may get addicted to living in a virtual world. Some users complain of dizziness and nausea related to VR headsets/goggles. However, there is no real evidence from health research to show that VR causes these problems.


Types of VR Solutions


Virtual Reality Solutions for Business

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Virtual reality comes in different forms, and each form/type provides the user with a different experience. Users can choose to be a complete immersion in whatever is catching their attention or be aware of their physical surroundings while engaging in virtual reality.

The types of virtual reality are; non-immersive, semi-immersive, and fully immersive.


Non-immersive virtual reality

As the name goes, this type of VR lets users stay completely aware of their physical surroundings. Users can see, hear and feel what is happening around them. An excellent example of this form of virtual reality is a person playing games using a game console and watching a screen. This type of VR uses video game consoles and parts of computers like keyboards to function. In essence, users can only feel the thrill of excitement but cannot “touch” the players in the game.


Semi-immersive virtual reality

Semi-immersive virtual reality is the bridge between non-immersive and fully immersive virtual reality. Users feel more connected to the 3D game or educational material they are working on than non-immersive virtual reality. It requires high-tech equipment with solid resolution and displays to malfunction. Semi-immersive virtual reality systems give users a feel of the virtual world. Users are partially immersed in the virtual world when they focus keenly on what is before them. It means that users are aware of their physical environment when they get distracted.


Fully-immersive virtual reality

It provides the most realistic experience in the virtual world. Users are entirely lost in the virtual world and have no idea of their surroundings. This form of VR gives users the perception that they are part of the virtual environment they see. It simulates a real-life experience by highly activating the sense of sound, sight, and touch. Users have to wear special gloves to feel they are touching the characters in the virtual world. Additionally, juicers need to wear a head mount display or a pair of virtual reality glasses to have a life-like experience of the virtual space. The education sector, gaming, and health sectors are taking interest in VR because of how real it seems.


What are VR solutions?


Military soldier using virtual reality solutions in boot camp

Military Soldier Using Virtual Reality Headset In Boot Camp

Virtual reality solutions are software and hardware systems that are programmed to satisfy your needs. VR enables individuals and companies alike to create content. They use mediums such as VR displays and headsets to relay information which promotes effective communication. It offers users access to a whole new part of life. For example, medical students can use virtual reality to improve their functional skills and teach them how to use the equipment.


VR applications and effective VR experiences


  • Virtual reality can reduce the length of time medical students need to learn how to carry out procedures. It offers a life-like environment where they can practice different techniques, correct their errors, and improve their skills. Additionally, medical students can perform virtual surgery and have virtual presentations.
  • People suffering from some mental health illnesses can find relief through VR Exposure therapy. They can have sessions with a virtual therapist from wherever they are as long as they have the right equipment. They can also practice self-help behaviour such as taking in deep breaths and blocking out distractions. Furthermore, drug/alcohol addicts and victims can take steps towards freedom without the judging eyes of society.
  • The health sector has yet another benefit. VR is a helpful tool in rehabilitating patients who suffered from life-altering conditions. They can engage in physiotherapy and other forms of practical activities.
  • Some retail companies are already using VR as part of their marketing strategy. New technology will let shoppers to see, feel, and even try whatever they want before making purchases. It will save consumers the stress of returning items, and it will save companies the losses they incur.
  • The automobile industry is using VR to its advantage in the best way possible. They use virtual reality software tools to test the effectiveness of new car models before creating prototypes. It saves them millions annually from creating inefficient prototypes.
  • Imagine being able to walk around every inch of a property without ever leaving your couch. It’s possible. Vr is causing a change in the real estate sector and helping clients save time and valuable resources.
  • Virtual reality is changing the sports domain. Users can comfortably, follow live matches from wherever they are and still feel like they are there physically. It will be a plus for people with disabilities and other conditions that may prevent them from being physically present.
  • Users can exploit VR for tourism. They can go on a virtual trip around the world or to a specific destination. It will save them the stress of visiting a not-so-beautiful place that is cute on camera.
  • Architects are using VR to lighten their workload. They can design virtual samples of their projects and present them to clients to criticize. Clients can walk around the environment, feel the area and make necessary improvements before they erect a physical building.
  • One of the best VR applications is in communication. Users can watch the news from anywhere yet, feel they are at the site where the event is taking place. VR also enables users with communication issues. It brings them into the virtual world and holds life-like training sessions to boost their skill, improve their language and boost their confidence.



Surgeon using virtual reality practising surgery in operation room at hospital

Surgeon Using Virtual Reality Practising Surgery In Operation Room At Hospital


What is VR development?

It refers to virtual reality software that developers use to create a platform that supports various types of content specific to the audience. These developers use software development tools that correlate with the level of immersion that a user needs. These tools fall under different areas depending on what purpose they will serve. Software development tools come in handy in content creation to develop videos, photos, and even sounds. Virtual reality’s visual and audio aspects are necessary because humans relate best to what they can see and hear. Others fall under the software development kit (SDK) category.

They contain programs, and software tools customized for the platform or industry that needs them. Software development kits are so detailed that they only work with specific hardware. They decide which hardware will be the best fit to improve users’ experience. Developers create objects in 3D form to give them a life-like appearance and immerse users into a virtual environment. They give users a hands-on feel through in-built interactive elements that provide them with the perception that they are in another dimension.


How can VR development help companies?


  • Companies can cancel out life-threatening training and replace them with equally practical yet less dangerous VR training sessions.
  • Companies can improve the products and services they offer through customer reviews with the help of VR. Customers can have access to these products and services virtually and confirm whether or not they like them.
  • Humans generally trust people or companies that have transparent policies and methods of approach. It is no different when they become customers. VR development will bring consumers closer to companies and improve companies’ b2c marketing strategy.
  • Virtual reality will help companies to reach a broader range of people and increase their sales. It will also help them break into new markets and establish their presence.


Virtual reality (VR)

Xr Expo 2019: Exhibition For Virtual Reality (Vr), Augmented Reality (Ar), Mixed Reality (Mr) And Extended Reality (Xr)


Key Takeaways on Virtual Reality


  • Virtual reality can provide a life-like experience for users depending on the type of immersion they desire.
  • Some companies are already using VR to their advantage. The most popular companies are gaming companies.
  • Virtual is changing the world as we know it, and for good reasons. It is mainly because VR solutions are proving to be helpful in almost every sector of the business world and in the lives of individuals.
  • Addiction, nausea, and dizziness are the most common cons of virtual reality. The health sector has no research proving VR equipment is damaging to the brain or eyes.

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