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Through an African Lens: Why Cape Town and the Western Cape is Emerging as a Film & Tech Powerhouse

An interactive session hosted by South African singer, actress, inspirational speaker and Sea Change Project Ambassador, Zolani Mahola, and featuring local film industry specialists.

Through an African Lens

– Zolani Mahola

– Tim Harris and Lisa Mini, from Wesgro
– Bradley Joshua, from Gambit Films
– Tertius Kapp, from Film Initiative Africa
– Kevan Smuts,  Film Composer: “My Octopus Teacher”
– Todd Brown, from XYZ Films
– Glenn Gilles, from Sea Monster

Unpacking the immersive technologies and innovations that make Cape Town and the Western Cape an emerging powerhouse in the film and tech sector on the African continent.


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Generation Alpha has more screen exposure than any other generation before it and with the technological boom, the average toddler can work an iPad with skill long before they are able to read. As so many kids are born into a tech-focused world and have ever increasing purchasing power, it seems logical that those responsible for the marketing of these products will be aiming their efforts at the younger generation.

Consumer brands and enterprise B2B vendors must understand and get ready for augmented reality. These technologies will play an important part in digital transformation efforts of many organisations. Sea Monster has been developing award-winning and highly-innovative interactive experiences using Augmented Reality since 2011, and is widely regarded as one of the leading AR studios in Africa.

Augmented reality may be in its infancy, but it has already been more transformative than virtual reality