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The Future of Learning – Report by The Times

This month, The Times issued a special report that takes an in depth look at The Future of Learning.

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This month, The Times issued a special report that takes an in depth look at The Future of Learning. The report, produced by Raconteur publishing on behalf of The Times and The Sunday Times covers everything from; How tech is transforming teaching and learning; Confidence in learning technologies; The boom of the edtech and gamification and The thriving mobile app market.

The report includes insights from educators and thought leaders, as well as studies and analysis that demonstrates that education is the smart investment. As a provider of specializing gamified application development, we are pleased to have been requested to be part of it.

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Immersive learning uses technology like virtual reality (VR) to simulate real-world scenarios, making it possible to teach someone in a safe and engaging environment. In action, this approach to teaching is being utilised to give students the opportunity to meet people from around the world and learn different languages; it’s being leveraged to allow people to take a realistic trip to Mars and it’s even being used to help people learn the actions required to perform lifesaving procedures like CPR.

Generation Alpha has more screen exposure than any other generation before it and with the technological boom, the average toddler can work an iPad with skill long before they are able to read. As so many kids are born into a tech-focused world and have ever increasing purchasing power, it seems logical that those responsible for the marketing of these products will be aiming their efforts at the younger generation.

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