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Games have been used throughout history to make interactions engaging and goal-directed. With the increasing power of digital media and smart devices, organizations are looking at impact games to drive their business and social goals.

Sea Monster understands how to use the power of games to increase engagement, improve learning, and strengthen impact. Games-for-change guarantees an engaged audience and a deeply-instilled message. Impact Games can convey your brand or learning message in a fun and captivating way that is accessible to all ages.

As Africa’s leading impact gaming company, Sea Monster’s experienced game development team can produce a wide range of bespoke business solutions, from mini-games to more complex strategic games and branded experiences. Our game development process involves a three step process: concept development, solution design and production. In addition, we also offer management and maintenance services to our clients and provide full data analytics and research reporting.

For over a decade, Sea Monster has bridged the worlds of play and purpose by delivering world class impact games and experiences to clients in service of their business goals. As a proudly South African company, clients have taken advantage of our unique creative talent, great production value, and well researched impact games to deepen engagement, generate actionable insights and inspire behaviour change.

We have worked with a diverse range of large corporate clients, entertainment providers and non-profit organisations from around the world to develop games that deliver on entertainment value as well as impact! We have significant experience working within the retail, marketing, financial services and health sectors and have also delivered successful impact games to a diverse range of additional industries that recognise the value that games produce.

We are passionate about helping organisations deliver on their business goals and SDG commitments by harnessing the potential of games and technological innovations like virtual reality as well as metaverse platforms. We believe that the power of games has no borders and no boundaries and we are always excited to engage with clients who share our vision of making a difference in the world, one game at a time.


The Agile Process

Our in-house team can handle the entire process, from initial discovery and concept development to creative and visual design, and all the coding and the software engineering required. We manage app store uploads and provide full data analytics and research reporting

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