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The experiences we create have the power to grip hearts, spring people into action and shatter beliefs.

We start unravelling the communication challenge until we get to the heart of it. Once we’re left with a crystal clear understanding of what the problem is, we develop a simple, meaningful message. This message becomes the spirit of the experience, and around it we create a narrative that resonates with the audience and shifts perceptions. Finally, the narrative is clad with animation, gaming and immersive technologies to ensure that the story is told with a touch of magic, in a way that people remember.


Stories are how we make sense of the world. Stories are driven by characters, and characters are underpinned by archetypes. If we want to shift behaviours we know this has to happen at a psychological level. At Sea Monster we know how to trap the essence of your business or social messaging into character driven, 2D animated stories. Our team have vast experience in high volumes of quality content, that is crafted to resonate with the intended audience, visually engaging, and cost effective at scale.

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Games have been used throughout history to make interactions engaging and goal directed. With the increasing power of digital media and smart devices, organizations are looking at serious games to drive their learning and business outcomes. Sea Monster understands how to use the power of games to increase engagement, improve learning, and strengthen impact. Games-for-change guarantee an engaged audience and a deeply-instilled message. They can convey your brand or learning message in a fun and captivating way that is accessible to all ages. As one of Africa’s leading serious gaming company, Sea Monster’s experienced development team can produce a wide range of branded and educational gaming experiences, from mini-games to more complex strategic games. Our in-house team can handle the entire process, from initial discovery and concept development, to creative and visual design, and all the coding and the software engineering required. We manage app store uploads and provide full data analytics and research reporting.

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Sea Monster has been developing award-winning and highly-innovative interactive experiences via Augmented Reality since 2011. We have used AR in various user experiences, from consumer facing mini-games and e-commerce experiences, to corporate change-management solutions. Far more than just a fad, AR is a fundamentally improved method of sharing digital information in a way that is contextual, visual, and gamified.

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