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The experiences we create have the power to grip hearts, spring people into action and shatter beliefs.

Sea Monster start unravelling the communication challenge until we get to the heart of it. Once we’re left with a crystal clear understanding of what the problem is, we develop a simple, meaningful message. This message becomes the spirit of the experience, and around it, we create a narrative that resonates with the audience and shifts perceptions. Finally, the narrative is clad with 2D animation, gaming and immersive technologies to ensure that the story is told with a touch of magic, in a way that people remember.


At Sea Monster we know how to trap the essence of your business or social messaging into character-driven, 2D animated stories. Our team have vast experience in high volumes of quality content, that is crafted to resonate with the intended audience, visually engaging, and cost-effective at scale.
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Sea Monster understands how to use the power of games to increase engagement, improve learning, and strengthen impact. As one of Africa’s leading serious gaming company, Sea Monster’s experienced development team can produce a wide range of branded and educational gaming experiences, from branded mini-games to more complex strategic games.
The Power of Games

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Far more than just a fad, AR is a fundamentally improved method of sharing digital information in a way that is contextual, visual, and gamified. Augmented Reality is a powerful tool that creates opportunities to link digital experiences with activities in the real world. This immersive technology is engaging and memorable in reinforcing your brand.
Why Augmented Reality?

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VR has an unrivalled ability to provide users with complete immersion in digital environments. It allows role-playing and engagement on a level which other media cannot match.
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