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Sea Monster Wins at LIA

Sea Monster won an award at the Learning Innovation Africa Event for our Fear of Heights Virtual Reality solution.

Learning Innovation Africa - Sea Monster Wins at LIA

The Learning Innovation Africa (LIA) Conference turns traditional conferencing on it’s head by changing it’s conference style to TED talk presentations and active participation in panels. Some of the main focuses of this conference include gamification, augmented reality and key trends in Africa. This year was the 2nd year Sea Monster attended the conference and in addition to attendance we also entered our Fear of Heights Virtual Reality solution into their Learning Idols competition.

The purpose of the Learning Innovation Africa conference is to showcase learning innovations in South Africa and Africa. In that spirit, Learning Idols was born in 2017- a competition that corporates, schools and education institutions can enter to showcase their unique learning innovations.

Sea Monster walked away victorious, winning an award for our Fear of Heights VR solution. We are extremely proud to have received this award! Thank you to LIA for the wonderful opportunity and as always a fantastic conference.

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Immersive learning uses technology like virtual reality (VR) to simulate real-world scenarios, making it possible to teach someone in a safe and engaging environment. In action, this approach to teaching is being utilised to give students the opportunity to meet people from around the world and learn different languages; it’s being leveraged to allow people to take a realistic trip to Mars and it’s even being used to help people learn the actions required to perform lifesaving procedures like CPR.

Sea Monster provides turnkey virtual reality development services and other virtual technologies. Experience design and 3D modelling to application development and beyond. Our experienced team of engineers, designers & artists create cutting-edge interactive content across all platforms.

On the 12th of July 2018 Sea Monster attended the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in Cape Town.