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Monster vs Cannon


Our business cards literally come alive with a Sea Monster triggered from the front and a cannon from the back – you can duel it out in real-time! Your cannon is lashed to some logs – you can change its design and fire cannonballs at the monster by tapping on the card. If the Sea Monster gets too close, it will rise from the deep and smash you! This app is available for IOS only. To try this app print our business card here.

Sea Monster Facebook Effects


Facebook AR Studio allows users to apply a visual overlay to their photos, videos or live stream videos and upload them to their Facebook storey or timeline. Sea Monster has created a Pirate effect, which turns you into a Sea Monster Pirate complete with a range of pirate hats, eye patches and beards, which can be changed by tapping on the screen. Try it here.

Pirate iBook


Sea Monster created an original interactive iBook: 10 Rowdy Pirates, which was written and illustrated by our crew for the pleasure of our fans and followers. The story follows the adventures of a rowdy ragtag crew of pirates that find some loot at sea. The crew doesn’t get very far though before a Sea Monster attacked the ship! It’s not as scary as it seems, because it turns out that the Sea Monster was just being playful. The iBook can be accessed here.