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When fear grips our hearts and minds, we need to be brave. We need to look beyond the horizon, trust our true north and find ways to shift our thinking and behaviour to find new opportunities.


SM Wave 600

With this in mind, Sea Monster took an investment from one of South Africa’s leading venture capital companies. Edge Growth, via their Vumela Fund, have invested $1m for a minority stake in the company, a process we started late last year (how were we to know?). We are using the investment to build some exciting new digital products, in addition to building capacity to support our existing clients and partners.

My Lemonade Day

Sea Monster has successfully delivered the first phase of a solution for Lemonade Day, a Houston based non-profit, that teaches kids entrepreneurial and social skills, by helping them set-up and run a lemonade stand.
Built on AWS, this total solution is designed to take a million kids a year through the program. In addition to an app for kids and mentors, it’s all wrapped in a 15 part mini TV series, designed to grab kids attention and inspire them to action. As we rebuild our communities street by street, Lemonade Day now has a scalable, multi-cultural solution to offer the world.

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Destination AR

Destination AR is a new way to explore Cape Town like you’ve never seen her.
Perfect for virtual marketing, homeschooling and many more uses, we layer stories and interesting facts over a digital version of our city. This innovative solution is getting interested globally, as a practical, cost-effective way to showcase destinations and attractions.

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PlayStore Promo

In all the chaos that has been 2020 we want to reconnect with old friends and fans, and also find new ones.
Our animated content is proven to reach through  Zoom meetings, to grab our hearts and minds, to trap the essence of a big idea and to inspire change.

Whatever the communication or change management challenge, we’d love to see how we create value for you and your teams.

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The energy crisis in South Africa and the increased risk of a total grid collapse have brought forward some interesting conversations around alternative energy sources,and environmentally sustainable business and lifestyle options.

Big banks once had almost unmatched dominance over the global financial sector. It allowed them to build glittering skyscrapers as their headquarters and helped transform London’s Canary Wharf from disused docks into what is probably Europe’s preeminent financial hub. In recent years, however, that dominance has come under threat from challenger and neo-banks, as well as from innovative fintech startups.

In Africa, the internet economy has the potential to grow to $180 billion by 2025, or – 5.2% of the continent’s GDP. While digital transformation remains one of the continent’s foremost drivers of economic growth. Africa’s fintech sector, for example, has the potential to produce answers to many problems that Africans face, whether it be the continent’s low savings rate or the improvement of financial inclusion.