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Sea Monster named one of Fast Company SA’s Most Innovative Companies

Sea Monster, a South African gaming and animation studio, has been named among the top 20 in Fast Company South Africa’s Most Innovative Companies 2021.

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Since 2008, Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies edition has been the definitive source for recognising organisations that are transforming industries and shaping societies.

Sea Monster was established in 2011 and says that it is an innovator that understands that the future of marketing and education is about storytelling and voluntary engagement.

The agency adds that it wants to bring those skills, plus the production efficiency from the entertainment industry, to bear on these sectors. Globally, there are very few companies that combine animation and gaming in this space.

With international experience and a proven ability to deliver, Sea Monster highlights that its focus and passion is educational content for children and corporate audiences, along with marketing.

It offers full, cross-platform game development services, in addition to augmented reality and virtual reality solutions. Sea Monster’s talent in 2D animation lies at the heart of the business and the company specialises in longer duration, highly creative animated content for web and mobile.

Sea Monster says that it understands the power of games to increase engagement, improve learning retention and drive business impact.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has altered nearly every aspect of life, from how we live and work to how we consume information — making innovation more important than ever before — and critical to driving post-crisis growth,” says Sea Monster CEO Glenn Gillis, who adds that they are extremely honoured with the Fast Company recognition.

“In a survey of more than 200 organisations across industries, more than 90% of executives said they expect the fallout from Covid-19 to fundamentally change the way they do business over the next five years. But only 21% feel they have the expertise, resources and commitment to successfully pursue new growth,” he adds.

As such, says Gillis, business leaders have had to pivot how they engage with customers and employees during the pandemic.

“Sea Monster has proven that animation and games are serious instruments for change within large organisations, both during the pandemic and beyond it. And being listed as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies recognises that our work is not a hipster fringe movement, but an essential component of any organisation’s arsenal to drive business goals,” he concludes.

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