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Sea Monster develops for Facebook Augmented Reality Studio

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Sea Monster is the first South African augmented reality company to have been given early access to the recently launched Facebook Augmented Reality Studio. Still in its beta phase, the Facebook AR Studio incorporates augmented reality filters into the popular social media app through the camera of your smartphone. Working similar to the hugely popular Snapchat photo filters, the Facebook AR Studio allows users to apply a visual overlay to their photos, videos or live stream videos and upload them to their Facebook story.

For our first feat, we choose a Facebook filter to celebrate South Africa’s Heritage Day which will launch on Monday the 24th September. When using the filter, South African’s will be able to show their patriotism with the bright South African flag that will display over their face, the sounds of vuvuzelas when they smile and colourful confetti when their eyebrows are raised.

Try out the filter by following this link in your mobile Facebook app, we would love to see your version of the camera effect! Share it with us on our Facebook page.

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