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Sea Monster At the Cape Town International Film Market and Festival

The Cape Town International Film Market and Festival took place in October this year at the V&A Waterfront precinct.

The Cape Town International Film Market and Festival took place in October this year at the V&A Waterfront precinct. The festival celebrates both South African and international films and aims at promoting job creation and economic growth within the film and media genre.

Sea Monster‘s MD Glenn Gillis, shared the stage at this years film market with The participative session was on how augmented reality and virtual reality are influencing the entertainment, marketing and education sectors. The session took the form of a panel discussion with industry experts looking at high level trends, while sharing war stories and case studies.  The panel shared insights into how immersive technologies are affecting production processes, and spoke practical considerations when it comes to making content and experience for AR / VR.  The panel also shared experiences on how this tech is impacting story telling and the creative process. Audience members were encouraged to ask questions and share their own experiences in these exciting new digital forms of film making and entertainment.

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