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Zuri’s Lab

Zuri’s Lab is an interactive virtual reality experience  aiming to show children the true heart and spirit of science.

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It’s time for kids to ditch the white lab coats! Zuri’s Lab VR is an interactive demo aiming to show children the true heart and spirit of science, getting rid of the clutter and intimidating technicalities. The experience is directed at children between 7 and 11 years of age — particularly those conditioned to believe that science is “not for them” — and hopes to alleviate anxieties and common misconceptions about STEM subjects at this crucial time in their educational development.

Zuri’s Lab VR is the starting point for a true multimedia product which casts the net wide enough to be as accessible as possible, diversifying the audience and engaging young minds that aren’t usually given the opportunity. Sea Monster has laid the groundwork for engagements via Youtube episodes, AR games and even print media, all of which can stand on their own or be consumed as a coherent whole.

Available for IOS and Android

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