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Sea Monster created a rummy inspired card game for our end of year client gifts.



Sea Monster wanted to create a unique, fun filled and memorable end of year gift for our clients, that encompassed the storytelling mindset of Sea Monster and involved the whole family. Thus YARR! was born.

It’s time to loot, pillage and backstab in this card-driven pirate adventure! Using an intuitive, Rummy-anchored ruleset, players can gather a crew, search for hidden treasures and invoke captain’s orders to boost their chances and sabotage their enemies in this winner takes-all quest for the most pirate loot. Familiar yet refreshing, YARR! can be enjoyed by casual players and card game fanatics alike

Accompanying the card game is a Facebook AR effect, which uses the box as a trigger to release the treasure. In order to unlock the AR feature, you must own an exclusive YARR! card game.

YARR! is currently not available to the public.


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