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Ultimate Celebrity Manager

Sea Monster created a virtual-pet themed mobile game in which you manage a celebrity and handle their online identity to further their career.
Ultimate Celebrity Manager

ClientUniversity of the Western Cape


Ultimate Celebrity Manager


The University of the Western Cape (UWC) wanted to create a unique and interactive game that could teach young adults about their online identity and how to protect it. They approached Sea Monster and together, created a mobile game called Ultimate Celebrity Manager.

In this virtual pet game, you assume the role of a celebrity’s personal agent, guiding your budding star from the life of basement-dwelling Youtuber to a red-carpet avatar of glamour.

As an agent, you’ll be attending to all areas of your celebrity’s public life. In the process, you’ll be customising their avatar to match your own personal style, playing minigames to increase wealth, and figuring out risky connections with detective work, and when the scandal inevitably surfaces, it’ll be up to YOU to pat out the fires and restore your client’s unjustly damaged reputation!

Available for IOS

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