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SARB Currency App

The South African Reserve Bank chose Sea Monster to update their SARB Currency app. Our task was to educate the public around South African banknotes and coin, as well as broader economic concepts, in an engaging way.

ClientSouth African Reserve Bank



The South African Reserve Bank has a mandate to educate the public on our national currency and factors that influence our economy. The SARB chose to work with Sea Monster to update and expand their existing iOS and Android apps with a complete redesign and set of new exciting features.



To help members of the public to become familiar with South Africa’s banknotes and coin, Sea Monster created an interactive gallery of all currency denominations in circulation. This allows users to discover security features with dynamic interactions and 3D animations. Through this, users are empowered to test if banknotes and coin are genuine and to avoid scams that claim commemorative coins are worth more than their face value.

The app also includes videos that tackle big questions about money and the economy. What does the Reserve Bank do? Why does the value of the Rand keep changing? What do I do when I have damaged banknotes? All of these questions are answered in simple, clear language with our animated videos.

For those who like to apply what they have learnt and have fun in the process, there is the ZAR Mania game. Level up your business by managing it through changes in the economy. Balance supply and demand to maximise your profit! When serving customers it’s speed and accuracy that counts, but watch out for invalid banknotes.

Keep an eye out for more exciting features coming soon.

Available for IOS and Android

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