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Kaos Horizon

PwC’s innovation team tasked Sea Monster to review its psychometric recruitment testing process utilising the principles of gamification to create a unique web-based game.




PwC is the number one professional services brand in the world, recognised in the 2017 Brand Finance Index as one of the world’s top ten most powerful brands. Evaluating new employee applicants to match the organisations standard of excellence is a key factor to PwC’s success.

The company’s innovation team tasked Sea Monster to review its psychometric recruitment testing process. PwC were finding that the westernised style of measurement was not always ideally suited for their 200 000 employees in 157 countries. The challenge was to increase engagement and assessment accuracy in new employee values.

Utilising the principles of gamification, we saw the opportunity to build the test in a way that the applicants would approach the measurement experience more effectively, thus delivering better results.

For PwC, Sea Monster developed a web-based game called Kaos Horizon, to send the applicants on an adventure to save humanity. Our story starts in the Helios galaxy of a retro style sci-fi comic book. The player is the hero and the decisions they take while playing the game affect the storyline. The challenges set out in the game are designed to evaluate both the applicant’s values as well as their capabilities.

After positive testing with focus groups, we proved a success in gamifying PwC’s psychometric testing process with Kaos Horizon. The game motivated participation and we were able to give the assessors the ability to look at the underlying points critical to assessment, such as value systems.

PwC implemented the Kaos Horizon game into their organisation as of January 2017 with a 90% approval of the format and 100% engagement level from employee applicants.

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