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My Lemonade Day

🍋A new, fun, and interactive way to become a part of the Lemonade Day program.🍋

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My Lemonade Day


Entrepreneurship made easy and fun! One step at a time Lemmy, the entrepreneurial lemon, will take kids on a journey to opening their very own business…a lemonade stand. Since 2007 Lemonade Day has been empowering today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Lemonade Day’s new digital platform, My Lemonade Day, will teach kids to set goals, make a plan, run their stand, and get results to achieve their dreams!

Kids will go through four modules teaching them what they need to know to run a profitable lemonade stand.

Module 1, “My Goals,” will teach kids the importance of goal setting and how becoming an entrepreneur could help them achieve those goals.
Module 2, “My Plan,” will take kids through the necessary decisions they must make about their business before they can start.
Module 3, “My stand,” kids will then be guided through getting investment, actually building their business from scratch, and running their business on Lemonade Day!
Module 4, “My Results,” lastly kids will reflect on their experience and do their accounting to be prepared for next year.

Through the My Lemonade Day experience, kids will not only build a business and make money to meet their goals. They will also build on their business skills, responsibility, financial literacy, goal setting, and teamwork.

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