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Livin’ It Up

Capitec tasked Sea Monster with developing a mobile game to teach South Africans about balancing daily money decisions against their long-term financial goals.



Livin' It Up, Capitec


Capitec wanted a fresh approach to help South African consumers improve their financial capability (the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required to make sound financial decisions).   They hired Sea Monster to design and develop a mobile game solution.

The end result — a careful mix of home design, financial management and fun action minigames — is designed to play out as “a real South African story”, allowing players to take on the role of several relatable characters as they save money towards long-term goals. Each story arc takes place over a number of years in a character’s life, dealing with events related to work, home, family, money and the occasional bit of load-shedding.

Throughout the game, players are gently guided through basic financial concepts, equipping them to make better financial decisions for their characters while also providing them with information and tips that can be applied their own lives.

Download the Livin’ It Up game for free on iOS.

Available for IOS

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