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Cipla approached Sea Monster to create a game that could motivate audiences to adopt — and retain — important habits around the use of HIV-related medication and testing.
Cipla - Live 2 love




Cipla, a multinational pharmaceutical company, wanted to harness the power of gamification in engaging young adults about HIV, encouraging them to make healthy and responsible decisions. In particular, Live2Love was created to promote adherence to medication and testing routines. Players guide characters through various life situations using PrEP pills, ARVs and HIV tests as “pickups” to collect.

In addition to the use of game mechanics to promote engagement, the story of the cute protagonists — Blue and Sunny — is told in a way that contextualised the medical practices and emotionally engages the audience. Throughout the game, users are signposted to relevant information and knowledge, including links to official resources.



Sea Monster designed Live2Love, a web-based game that follows a journey of a mixed-status couple. In the game, users are exposed to information and knowledge about HIV, knowing your status, ARVs, and PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis).

Using the stickiness and emotional engagement of games and stories, Sea Monster weaved a narrative to advocate and reinforce positive habits around testing and consistent medication. By speaking to a relatable human core, the experience taps into people’s aspirations and motivations in a way that knowledge delivery alone does not.