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KINTO Sky Drive

Reinforce Toyota Dealer’s understanding of the value chain!
KINTO Sky Drive

ClientToyota South Africa


KINTO Sky Drive


Toyota needed a new, engaging way to support product training for its dealership employees, while reinforcing lessons about their internal value chain. A digital companion game was identified as an appropriate way to reach users, due to its engagement value in an already digitised learning system.

The game would supplement Toyota’s existing training, serving as a challenge and reinforcement of knowledge. It also needed to provide a broad grading system to show supervisors how users performed.



Sea Monster developed a bespoke browser game which took employees on a “”test drive”” with a Toyota prototype vehicle. Set in the ambient, KINTO-themed “”Sky City””, the player’s route through the futuristic metropolis was determined by responses to “”guest briefs”” from characters looking for the right car deals.

Given the challenge to build a plan for each guest via a series of simple questions, employees could apply their knowledge and be evaluated on their accuracy. Along the way, they were able to resonate with the most satisfying part of their jobs: empathising with their customers, and drawing on expertise to offer the perfect plan.

This combination of skill testing and emotive engagement allowed Sky Drive to harmonise with the goals of Toyota’s course, while providing a more enjoyable experience for its learners.