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Solve mysteries by roleplaying as a ship inspector!

ClientNelson Mandela University




As with many clients who’ve approached us over the past few years, COVID-19 put a massive strain on FishFORCE’s ability to co-ordinate staff and provide adequate face-to-face training.

An accessible, digital solution was needed to help trainees in remote areas. Beyond the pandemic, FishFORCE also wanted to utilise technology to improve the efficiency of its operations.



Sea Monster created a browser-based game to simulate at-port vessel inspections: a common and crucial part of a marine officer’s job.
Using “hidden object” game mechanics, players explore virtual fishing ships, inspect documents and interview crew members to look out for risks and violations.

Ultimately, the FishFORCE game serves to better equip fisheries control officers in their training and in the performance of their fight against fisheries crime. With the conservation and sustainability of our oceans, seas, and marine resources at the core of one of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (Goal 14: Life below water), we are very proud that our collaboration with FishForce can contribute towards responding to the universal call to action to protect the planet and transform our world for the better.