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Cell C Broadband Flexi and Fibre Products Animation

Cell C Broadband Product Range – Fibre vs Flexi

ClientCell C


Cell C, Broadband Flexi and Fibre, Products Animation


Cell C found it unsustainable to create live-action adverts (TVCs) as this comes at a significant cost to the brand.

They contact Sea Monster via their agency, Joe Public Advertisting, to recreate real campaign characters into 2D animation for cost effective marketing strategy and to leverage the reusability of animation assets for various campaigns. Cell C also used the animated content to gain customer insights and appetite for new content strategy.



Sea Monster created a look and feel for client that is fit for animation and resonant with existing collateral. Sea Monster developed character sets and animated TVCs to creatively communicate product offerings.

Cell C, Broadband Flexi and Fibre, Products Animation