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Gamified Entrepreneurship Training
Business Boost

ClientAfrican Entrepreneurship Initiative


Business Boost


Sea Monster was approached by Anele Mzuko of the African Entrepreneurship Initiative (AEI) to provide a gamified platform for young South African entrepreneurs. This formed part of an overall study about the effectiveness of gamification in delivering valuable knowledge and resources to entrepreneurs.

As an early proof-of-concept aimed at research, the solution would only need to get demographic survey information about participants, secure their consent for study, and report on their activities in a gamified, educational context.



As the fastest and most efficient response to this challenge, Lighthouse was used as a clear, data-rich gamification platform. Through a combination of templated Engagement and Reward cards, it was able to meet the ethical requirements of the study while offering tangible prizes to the study’s participants. The campaign ran for two weeks between January and February 2022.

While on the platform, users were also treated to gamified entrepreneur quizzes and guides, with overall activity accessible through Lighthouse’s standardise dashboard.