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Ackermans Character Shop App

Customers rewarded for engaging with Ackermans



Ackermans Character Shop App


Ackermans has the ambition of being the leading local destination for Character branded apparel. As part of achieving that ambition, Ackermans launched the Character Shop App to engage and reward their user base with a mix of incentives, designed to highlight the Character proposition and drive sales within the targeted market segment.



The Ackermans Character Shop App was launched, using Lighthouse, to create a place where Ackermans customers could perform a number of activities (such as watching videos, reading a catalogue, answering quizzes and surveys, checking in at the physical store, and playing mini-games) to earn virtual “coins”. These coins could then be spent on rewards like airtime, store vouchers, image downloads, and entries into a range of competitions.

Ackermans Character Shop App