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A Brave Girl Named Ayah

A too-eager-to-please orphan’s attempts to fit in and never let anyone down leads to big challenges and internal struggles while living at a children’s home and attending a privileged school.

ClientAmanda Dambuza


Brave Girl Named Ayah


Prominent businesswoman Amanda Dambuza entrusted Sea Monster to develop her book, A Brave Girl Named Ayah, into an animated TV series pilot ready to pitch to broadcasters. Since the book is inspired by Amanda’s own difficult childhood in South Africa, Sea Monster worked closely with her to ensure the authenticity of her vision was preserved while adapting it into a fun, saleable kids show ready for production.

The production process involved everything from creating a script based on Amanda’s stories, to character designs and a unique visual identity for the show. The final animated short provides investors with the true heart of the story and promise of what the full series will be.