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Animation Apr 11, 2018 Sea Monster is looking for an Experience Designer to join our adventurous crew.

What the job entails:

Working on Serious Games (for mobile and sometimes web), Augmented Reality Apps, Virtual Reality Experiences, and Animation Projects
Converting client requirements and learning outcomes into full end-to-end solutions
Delivering solutions by applying user-centred design techniques
Being a part of the Sea Monster leadership team

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Animation Feb 7, 2018 Sea Monster develops for Facebook Augmented Reality Studio

Sea Monster is the first South African augmented reality company to have been given early access to the recently launched Facebook Augmented Reality Studio. Still in its beta phase, the Facebook AR Studio incorporates augmented reality filters into the popular social media app through the camera of your smartphone.

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Animation Jan 5, 2018 Come work at Sea Monster and help us change the world!

At Sea Monster we are passionate about using Animation and Games to make the world a better place. We work together with big corporate clients to create Financial Education platforms, Serious Games for change, educational Augmented Reality apps, and Virtual Reality training experiences.

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Animation Dec 1, 2017 10 Innovation Insights for 2018

In an effort to drive innovation at scale in corporate and other large organisations,  our MD Glenn Gillis takes us through 10 vital lessons that can be learned from such processes.

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Games Oct 16, 2017 Gamification Learning Lab at The Learning NerdCon

The Learning NerdCon is an interactive and engaging event that explores eLearning and blended learning.

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Animation Aug 7, 2017 Sea Monster Launches Old Mutual Moneyversity 2.0

For two years we have been helping Old Mutual clients make the most of their money through gamification.

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