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Last week, Lemonade Day National shared the exciting news about My Lemonade Day, an Amazon cloud-based app. My vision for the app is that it will become the leading experience-based technology tool for teaching entrepreneurship to children of kindergarten through middle school ages — scalable to any size organization or community and accessible to a global audience. Lemonade Day National wants to remove any technology barriers to teaching young kids around the world how to start their own successful lemonade business. The plan is to launch My Lemonade Day on a pilot trial basis in Houston, TX beginning in mid-February 2020.

With the help of Sea Monster Entertainment, an animation studio in Cape Town, South Africa, we developed a gamified platform supporting the journey of planning, launching and operating a business that kids and their mentors experience. What is incredibly innovative is the way it integrates animation into a gamified platform. Glenn Gillis, chief executive officer of Sea Monster, explains it this way. “From the scalable architecture to the way we’ve planned for the needs of all the different types of users, the My Lemonade Day experience will be engaging and fun. For example, the new platform includes animated tutorials, but like you’ve never seen them before. They’re beautifully crafted story-driven pieces that you would expect to see in a TV series, whilst at the same time telling kids what to do next, and where they are in their journey.”

My Lemonade Day is truly unique in that Sea Monster built the app based on the Amazon cloud platform which affords the app users significant benefits such as continuous uptime, large volume traffic handling, and state-of-the-art privacy and security features. The app also will include 2D animation, digital toys, avatar selectors, and a suite of gamification tools and techniques that will be employed to engage kids and encourage self-directed learning through play.

There is no barrier to entry as well. This app will be accessible to children regardless of their family’s financial status or abilities. The lessons are action-oriented and incredibly empowering providing soft skills to a young person to learn how to run a business and make money.

Stay tuned for updates on the trial launch!

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