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Makro celebrates 51st birthday with over R3m in prizes on Sea Monster’s Lighthouse platform

Beginning today, July 21, Makro will give away fully-installed power systems on Sea Monster’s Lighthouse platform to celebrate the retailer’s 51 years in business.

Makro celebrates 51st birthday with over R3m in prizes on Sea Monsters Lighthouse platform

Lighthouse is the first entirely web-based gamified rewards network on the African continent. It is also a major player in the advertising business and attention economy. Over the course of the six-week promotion, Lighthouse will process almost R3 million worth of prizes via the app.

Lighthouse is a white label brand engagement platform that allows brands to connect with their customers through gamified content, and share real value with them. The platform also allows brands to measure and prove return on investment in one single place.

“In the attention economy, where people’s time has value, the fact that they actively choose to listen to what brands have to say should never be taken for granted,” says Ynze de Jong, Product Manager, Lighthouse and Sea Monster Technical Lead.

“Consumers are no longer captive to marketing content – their time and attention matters to them, and brands should use that time wisely.”

Using a combination of quick mechanics, mini games, vouchers and other check-in functions to reward and connect customers to their brands, Lighthouse is designed to give businesses across the board a significant competitive advantage.

Customers can enter by accessing the Makro 51st Birthday Campaign here: or by following the steps shared in the Makro App, In-Store and on Makro’s social media.

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