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Glenn at the AWS Public Sector Summit

Our Managing Director Glenn Gillis was invited to participate in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public sector summit in Brussels, Belgium.

Glenn was invited to the summit to not only showcase some of Sea Monster’s most recent work, including our Virtual Reality Fear of Heights project, but also to participate in a panel discussion on Transforming the Business of Education.

In this panel, Glenn explained that “Education is a strategic business opportunity” He used our recent works on Moneyversity, Super Animals as well as Fear of Heights to show just how education and technology can tie in together to create voluntary engagement.

“Technology has changed the way we tell stories but not why! Sea Monster craft large scale solutions, that focus on why we’ve always used technology, for entertainment, for social reasons, for trade and to learn” These are some of the principles Glenn unpacked, explaining how technology can be used as an extremely innovative way to drive business solutions.

Sea Monster was proud to have been part of this incredible summit and we look forward to attending future events like this.

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