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Press |Jun 17, 2020

Everyone has a story to tell

Many stories really. Drama, comedy, adventure, romance, pain, healing, growth, victory. We think of ourselves, our family, our friends as being complicated interconnected webs of nuanced stories. Complete, whole characters. Unfortunately, we rarely afford strangers such a nuanced view.

When we meet someone in passing we barely pay attention to a single thread and are then quick to assume that our view of them is all there is. Such single stories are where stereotypes come from. The problems with stereotypes are not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.

Brands want to connect with us on a deep level. They want us to know them. To support them. Be loyal. But traditional marketing strategies are falling short of this goal.

Customers are now more self-aware than ever. The veil has been lifted. We see through the simple, one-dimensional stories. We now want fuller narratives, deeper connections, complete characters. Only when brands start resembling our friends, our family, ourselves, will we be able to offer them the kind of loyalty they expect.

At Sea Monster we tell multidimensional stories with complete characters in believable worlds. We listen closely to find the essence of your business and social messaging and reflect it in the archetypes that drive animated parables.

With so much written communication and clamorous adverts being thrown at us every day, it’s tough to know where to pay attention, and much easier just to switch off. Animation cuts through the noise. It travels across literacy, social, and cultural borders and can be delivered across many devices and platforms.

Our team has vast experience in high volumes of quality content, crafted to resonate with the intended audience, visually engaging, and cost-effective at scale.


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Sea Monster Entertainment’s analysts, animators, game designers and developers dream, draw and strategies to create measurable brand and business stories that connect, educate and move people. In an ever-changing world where consumer and staff engagement and interaction via mobile- and web-based media is increasing, companies need effective and measurable digital tools which can be provided to large and remote audiences.

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