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Augmented Reality Services: We Create Fully Immersive Augmented Reality Experiences

Consumer brands and enterprise B2B vendors must understand and get ready for augmented reality. These technologies will play an important part in digital transformation efforts of many organisations. Sea Monster has been developing award-winning and highly-innovative interactive experiences using Augmented Reality since 2011, and is widely regarded as one of the leading AR studios in Africa.


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What is Augmented Reality or AR Experiences?


Far more than just a fad, AR experiences or Augmented Reality is a method of sharing digital information in a way that is contextual, visual, and gamified. Augmented Reality is still new, but its technology is a rising star in business and consumer tech. Sea Monster has skilled AR developers who can build your AR apps.

Augmented Reality (AR) allows us to overlay digital information and experiences on the real world, using the power of mobile devices. AR (Augmented Reality) got a lot of attention in 2016 when the game Pokémon Go made it possible to interact with Pokémon superimposed on the world via a smartphone screen.



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Augmented Reality for businesses

For Retail Businesses, Augmented Reality Offers A Way For Customers To Try Products Before They Buy.

AR apps have many practical applications including marketing campaigns, medical uses, data visualisation, and location-based education. Other uses include entertainment, such as alternate reality games (ARGs), location-based MMOs (like Pokémon Go), and interactive cinematic experiences. Augmented reality has quickly established itself as a next-generation medium.

One-way augmented reality is used in business is 3D modelling. This is often used during the design process for items such as homes and cars. It can also be beneficial for training. Some companies use AR to train employees. This gives them a hands-on training experience without the risk of costly real-world mistakes.

Interest in augmented reality is exploding as innovators explore its business relevance and the roles it can play in workforce enablement and customer experience and interaction. This emerging technology holds tremendous promise for changing the way businesses operate:


  • Effective AR experiences require great content, therefore people who can create and manage it are crucial too.
  • Most augmented reality applications are mostly delivered through mobile devices.
  • Over time Augmented Reality delivery will shift to hands-free wearable AR devices such as head-mounted displays or AR smart glasses.


Why Should I Use Sea Monster for Effective AR Experiences?

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We have successfully delivered AR projects that drive learning and marketing goals in multiple languages around the world. Sea Monster has all the AR design and development in-house, which means that we deliver total AR solutions.

We are able to handle the entire process from initial concept to artwork design and deployment to develop effective AR Experiences. We have used AR in various user experiences, from consumer-facing mini-games and e-commerce experiences to corporate change-management solutions, and more recently in Facebook Spark AR effects.


What is the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

Augmented reality uses the existing real-world environment and puts virtual information on top of it to enhance the experience.

In contrast, virtual reality immerses users, allowing them to “inhabit” an entirely different environment altogether, notably a virtual one created and rendered by computers. Through a virtual reality viewer, users can look up, down, or any which way, as if they were actually there.


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Augmented Reality Improves, Enhances Or Expands Real Life By Inserting Virtual Objects Into The User’S Real-World Environment.


Key Takeaways on Augmented Reality


  • Augmented reality (AR) involves overlaying visual, auditory, or other sensory information onto the world in order to enhance one’s experience.
  • Retailers and other companies can use augmented reality to promote products or services, launch novel marketing campaigns, and collect unique user data.
  • Unlike virtual reality, which creates its own environment, augmented reality adds to the existing world as it is.
  • Most AR applications are delivered through mobile devices, but increasingly delivery will shift to hands-free wearables such as head-mounted displays or AR smart glasses


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Can Augmented Reality Change How You Shop For Clothes? Intel 3-D Graphics Architect Nola Donato Shows An Augmented Reality Dressing Room.

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