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Sea Monster shifts mindsets using unharnessed imagination, powerful digital technology and a fierce passion for storytelling.


How We Move People


From the first words that echoed off the flickering walls of a cave to the last viral video that got you to press play. We all love a good story. It’s how we assimilate and remember information.


Gaming allows the audience to become the character. By giving people agency, and a safe space to learn, messages are subtly imparted, and resonate deeply.
The Power of Games


AR is a fundamentally improved method of sharing digital information, overlaid on the real world using a phone or tablet in a way that is contextual, visual, and gamified.
Why Augmented Reality


Animation transcends gender, language and culture. By creating relatable characters, we bridge the gap between your message and your audience.
Create Your Story


VR has an unrivalled ability to provide users with complete immersion in digital environments.
Step into new worlds of storytellng


Animation Sea Monster’s App Wins at IACA Awards.

The South African Reserve Bank Currency App developed by Sea Monster won at the International Association of Currency Affairs Awards in April 2019.


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Animation Vacancy:Project Manager / Technical Producer

Sea Monster is looking for project manager / producer to join our world class team.

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Animation Vacancy: User Interface Graphic Designer

Sea Monster is looking for a mid-level UI Designer with some illustration talent to join our production crew on an exciting project for an American client which should last for about one year.

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