Stories are how we make sense of the world. They let companies communicate in exciting, engaging ways, allowing brands to include their audience into their narrative, and it is how we best learn from each other.

Animation tells stories in a way that is simple, visual and engaging. It cuts across cultures, literacy levels and age groups, and allows your audience to form an emotive connection with characters, which drives deeper understanding and helps to shift behavior.  

Sea Monster’s special talent lies in well-researched, high-quality 2D animation that drives your business or social goals. We can deliver short animated explainers that trap the essence of your message visually, truly engaging e-learning content, or cost-effective longer duration content, which can all be delivered over mobile and web platforms.

The Sea Monster team has produced broadcast animated 2D TV series for international clients, including Disney Europe and the BBC. We use this experience and our passion for story-telling to ensure cost-effective and reliable delivery from short, once-off projects, to more strategic communication solutions. We can handle the entire process, from instructional design and script, to storyboard, animation, and post-production.