Pick ‘n Pay Super Animals Augmented Reality App July 18, 2016

When Pick ‘n Pay were conceptualizing a way to take the Super Animals in-store collectables campaign to the next level, they knew they needed something cutting edge and fun.

It was at this point that Pick ‘n Pay turned to Sea Monster to develop a mobile gaming app that would bring an element of surprise and further engagement to the campaign.

Using a unique system of badges, rewards and augmented reality technology, we developed the app with the objective to drive collection behaviour and encourage users to head back to the store to complete the 108 card pack.

Compared to any previously launched campaign of this sort, the mobile app allowed Pick ‘n Pay a deeper connection with consumers. Thus increasing the length and quality of engagement consumers had with Pick n Pay post purchase.

App users are encouraged to take selfies with the Big 5 and share them to major social media platforms thus extending the reach of Pick ‘n Pay’s social media exposure for the campaign.